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Getting married abroad is a romantic paradise. It is also the perfect setting for a first-class family reunion. Here are five reasons why a destination wedding is something your family will talk about for years to come.


1) Everyone is all in the same location
Getting everyone together, especially if you live in different areas of the world can be tough. A destination wedding brings everyone together in one location and makes getting together with family easy.
2) There are tons of activities to take part in
Ever been to a family reunion that was less than exciting? When you are at a resort, you have everything from the beach to the pool to activities put on by the resort as well as local excursions that you can take part in. There is so much to do that no one is ever bored.
3) There is a reason to celebrate
You are getting married and attending a wedding always puts wedding-goers in a peaceful state of mind. Add in the blue Caribbean waters, fantastic food and drinks, and you have a recipe for the best family reunion ever.
4) The resort takes care of all the details

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